If the idea of a Gaming Lounge feels foreign to you, allow me to explain.

A Gaming Lounge is basically a shared space or a coworking space but for video games. People come together to either play their own games, compete in tournaments, network, or just hang out. Much like an arcade, gaming lounges generally offer a variety of different kinds of video games for kids and adults alike. Take a look inside the largest gaming lounge in NYC:

And now there's a new gaming lounge coming to Southwest Michigan.

As posted on Facebook, LVL UP Gaming Lounge will be opening in the Vicksburg area in June of 2022. With the opening process still in the very early stages, details like address, hours, and what kind of games specifically will be offered are still unknown. However, they are promising to have PS5, Xbox X Series, PC Gaming, streaming, educational opportunities, and even guest appearances.

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It's their hope that they'll become a spot for after-school hangouts for youth or an after-work hangout for adults. With that in mind, they're asking for support from the community.

According to their fundraising website, LVL UP Gaming Lounge currently has secured a building where they're making renovations. To gather the final elements needed for their gaming lounge, they're asking people to purchase LVL UP t-shirts:

All proceeds will go towards the purchase of materials and technologies needed to open. See more here.

If you, as an adult, are looking for a place where you can enjoy a beer or cocktail while playing some old-school games, we do have several arcade bars in the West Michigan area (not to be confused with a gaming lounge). See the full list below:

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