In The Faygo Book, a Michigan author writes about our favorite pop. Meet Joe Grimm and learn more about Faygo at this special event. No deposit required. 

Joe Grimm has an impressive resume. Before becoming a journalism professor at Michigan State University, he spent 30 years in newsrooms, 25 at the Detroit Free Press. Professor Grimm does more than teach, he helps get his students ready for careers and his classes are practical, publishing books, just as he himself continues to do. After the success of his book Coney Detroit, Grimm jokes he needed a Faygo.

Exploring the idea of writing a history of another of Michigan's iconic foods, Grimm got no help from Faygo headquarters and the idea went flat. Interest buddled up again when a Michigan State student told his professor that his high school English teacher was the granddaughter of one of the Feigenson brothers; the Russian immigrant bakers who started the company in 1907. Meetings led to stories that led to The Faygo Book. Joe Grimm will be in Richland on October 7 to talk about his work. There will likely even be free samples and maybe even a pop quiz.

A soda pop primer. Five things you may not know about Faygo

  1. Faygo flavors began as frosting used by brothers in the bakery business
  2. Faygo brewed beer in 1934
  3. Faygo was the first to use the twist-off cap
  4. Redpop wasn't always Redpop. Strawberry Faygo officially changed its name in the 1960s
  5. Distribution was limited to Michigan at first because of limited shelf-life. There was a fear the bottles would explode.

Take a look at how they make Faygo at the Detroit factory.

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