Battle Creek is shutting down its city summer camp and the Full Blast recreation center. Don’t confuse the order with Battle Creek’s Flash Flood Water Park. That popular recreation hotspot remains open every day from noon until 6 pm. It operates apart from Full Blast. Visitors get in through an outside entrance.

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The camp and Full Blast closings are blamed on COVID-19. They’re in place until further notice. No potential reopening date is being presented by city leaders.

The problem is specifically the result of a positive COVID-19 test for a summer camp counselor. The city is taking the time off to complete testing of all staff involved with the camp and Full Blast, It’s also sending in a crew for a detailed sanitizing program at Full Blast.


City employees are making contact with all camp families to make sure they are aware of what’s happening. The Calhoun County Public Health Department is conducting contact tracing to determine who was in close contact with the counselor and determine the next course of action for those people. That may include a quarantine order.

Battle Creek holds its summer camp at the Full Blast site between June and August, hosting as many as 100 area kids each week. They’re supervised by a staff of 25. The city will be posting updates to its website as new information becomes available.

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