Kylie Jenner, who's served as cocoon to her brand new baby girl for the past nine months, may have given birth to her own little butterfly, some sleuthing fans have concluded.

Jenner, who revealed on February 4 that she'd given birth to a brand new baby girl three days earlier, has been offering clues that her child is named Butterfly for months, followers claim. Us Weekly first reported that there's been convincing evidence delivered across the better part of a year.

(Wonder if Kylie's sister Khloe, who's also pregnant and shared a matching baby-bump photo on Instagram Sunday, will also turn to the insect family as name-inspiration...?)

Anyway, here are five clues Kylie's potentially dropped that she and her baby's father, Travis Scott, have landed on Butterfly as a name for their daughter.

1. That necklace: Fans picked up on the fact that Kylie wore a butterfly necklace — and that the camera zoomed in on the piece of jewelry — in Jenner's announcement video. Plus...

2. The Nursery: Later on in the same video, Jenner gave a tour of the baby's nursery, which was decorated with butterflies.

3. A pink manicure: Just a few months back, Jenner posted and Instagram image in which her hand is decorated with butterfly-shaped jewels.

4. Matching butterfly tattoos: In June 2017, Jenner and Scott both got matching butterfly tattoos above their ankles, according to Us Weekly.

5. Scott's "Butterfly Effect" Release date: May 2017, exactly nine months ago — coincidence...?

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