Midwest United FC has announced new dates for the KISS Tournament, Kalamazoo’s longest standing soccer festival.

Boys playing soccer
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The KISS Tournament (Kalamazoo Invitational Soccer Showcase), founded in 1990, has grown to be a very successful showcase tournament, well respected across the greater region. Many teams have used KISS to expose their players for collegiate opportunities and to play against against top regional competition.

In a release, Midwest United says the local and regional soccer landscape has changed and to stay competitive, they moving the dates of the tournament to Memorial Day weekend in 2017, and with it, broadening access to younger age brackets.

“I love this move because of the expansion to all ages”, said Brian Clements, Youth Program Director for Midwest United. “It is great for families with kids of multiple ages to be at the same tournament and not have to split themselves to be at separate tournaments especially over a holiday weekend."

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