I live in the Vine neighborhood, and where I live there are a ton of trees. So you can imagine that the leaves have been piling up not only on the sidewalk but on the streets as well. Luckily the city of Kalamazoo is gearing up to launch their Fall leaf collection starting Monday, November 2nd. The city recently put out a notice so that residents can prepare. The notice was posted on their website, stating:

Each household is scheduled to have two leaf pickups- one toward the beginning and one toward the end of the program. Residents can place any volume of leaves, sticks smaller than 3” diameter, grass clippings or other organic debris as part of this program. Residents are asked to push the material to the curb lawn where it will be collected by City crews. 

The city is also asking residents to avoid these things after collecting yard waste:

  • Placing bags out before the scheduled collection.
  • Placing bags directly in the roadway.
  • Placing bags near mailboxes, utility poles, landscaped areas, over or directly adjacent to storm sewer drains.

In order to have your leaves picked up they have to be curbside by  7:00 a.m. on the Monday of the week designated for the area you live in. A PDF of the leaf pick up schedule is available to view here.  Here are some items to help you get your fall chores finished:

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