I love the thought of time capsules. Beloved trinkets and symbols of pop culture and current events shoved into a tube and buried for years on end only to be discovered an analyzed by future generations.

However, if we really think about it, these physical time capsules can barely scratch the surface of everything happening in the world. That's why I love the idea of digital time capsules. Instead of picking a few random items or heirlooms, you can tell your entire life story, store it on a flash drive, and have it ready for the world to see whenever you desire.

A website called For Keeps, which offers a service to help you create a digital time capsule, describes a them as,

a capsule that contains more than just pictures and videos, it contains ambitions, emotions, and values. It shows us the foundations of what our society and our lives are built on.

That feels a bit profound when you look around and consider that most of our lives are taken up by social media, streaming services and trying to keep up with the latest trend on Tiktok. Oh, is that just me?

If you'd like to be a part of a digital time capsule but don't necessarily want to create one yourself, you'll be happy to read about the latest project from The Humans of Kalamazoo.

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The Humans of Kalamazoo is a public Facebook page that features photos, videos and news stories that impact the people of Kalamazoo.

Over the weekend, on the 4th of July, The Humans of Kalamazoo shared a post inviting locals to be a part of their "community video quilt" that would be included in their own digital time capsule.

The post read, in part,

We are inviting YOU and any member of our community to submit a video clip of YOU reciting the preamble or your favorite portion of the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence for a #CommunityVideoQuilt project celebrating how far we’ve come and how much we’ve grown in the 185 years since the town was named Kalamazoo!

They then invited the public to either send an email or simply send them a message on Facebook with a video which may be included in the final video quilt project.

Several members of the community submitted their videos, including Marshall Kilgore who recently announced his run for Kalamazoo City Commission.

So far, the video is shaping up nicely. I'd love to share it here but, unfortunately, do not have permission. However, you can see the original post from The Humans of Kalamazoo along with the current progress of the video quilt here.

No deadlines were given in the post as far as how long you have to submit your videos but if you're interested in participating I would send your video sooner rather than later.

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