Over the last few years, western civilization has had a huge craving for authentic ramen and boba tea. Both the exquisite ramen and delicious drink are native to the eastern part of the world and are mostly enjoyed in the Asian continent. I'm not super into the combo, I've had them separately and they aren't bad, but I couldn't imagine smashing a bowl of ramen and washing it down with a tall glass of boba tea.

Ramen can be made in many different ways, but authentic ramen has been rising to the top of the food game for quite some time. We are used to Top Ramen, but authentic ramen comes with seasonings, seared meat, steamed vegetables, eggs, and an assortment of add-ons to choose from. There's also boba tea, which might be one of the best teas known to man. Boba tea is made from tapioca starch and has many choices of additives for flavoring.

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In the wake of a new Ramen and Boba Tea place coming to town, it got my mind going, wondering about all the best places in town to chow down on some ramen and guzzle some boba tea. Motea House and Ramen is located on West Main St. and is currently in a soft opening stage but hasn't released information on its grand opening yet. As they prepare to service the Kalamazoo community, here are a few of their competitors that are worth a visit.

Ramen and Rice on Western Michigan University's campus have been around for a few years and have a great reputation. From locals stopping in to give it a try to college students visiting on regular and encouraging friends to join them, Ramen and Rice have plenty to offer your tastebuds. The Maru Sushi and Grill in Downtown Kalamazoo always has a steady stream of traffic and anywhere with good sushi, ramen, and boba tea should expect booming business.

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