What a wonderful place Kalamazoo is, because of the people!

Earlier this week the sad news was reported by Mlive...

God’s Kitchen of Michigan won’t serve a free Thanksgiving dinner at their Kalamazoo location due to lack of funding. The non-profit, which has another soup kitchen in Battle Creek, is shutting down the Kalamazoo location until enough funding can be secured to resume operations.

But, all that has changed!

On Tuesday, (Nov. 19), organizers said God’s Kitchen of Michigan now plans to hold the Thanksgiving meal in Kalamazoo after receiving donations to support the effort.

AMAZING! I am reminded of a quote from the movie Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory..."So Shines a good deed in a weary world."

When the dinner on November 27th was orginally canceled due to lack of funding ,Rev. William Stein, co-founder and chairman of the non-profit, said in a statement."This is the first time in our eight-year history that God's Kitchen of Michigan has canceled a holiday event."

Now, thanks to generous people in our community, everyone, regardless of their financial situation will enjoy a Thanksgiving meal!

Just another reason to be thankful this year!

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