As a dump truck driver, the last thing you want to hear are the last desperate cries for help from a man coming from within the truck. That's exactly what happened recently in Kalamazoo Fortune seemed to favor the man, as the trash inside the truck hadn't yet been compressed as  the driver heard pleas for help. The man could have seriously been serial crushed. Freep is reporting that this incident happened this morning just before dawn.

Capt. Matt Huber says Kalamazoo officers used ladders to get inside the truck. The man was removed from the confined space and then lowered to a medical crew by rope. His injuries were minor. The operation lasted 90 minutes. It was the first operation for the Kalamazoo Tech Rescue Team, whose members are trained in ropes, trenches and confined spaces.

This probably shouldn't need reminding, but don't fall asleep in dumpsters. What the trash, literally.

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