If you're a part of your local Facebook groups, chances are you've seen the outstanding number of posts asking something along the lines of, "Did anyone else hear that boom just now?"

Trust me, it doesn't matter where you reside: Allegan, Three Rivers, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Plainwell-- I've seen these quizzical posts in nearly every local Facebook group. Why are there so many unexplained noises around West Michigan?!

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When it comes to Kalamazoo specifically, one resident has taken answering the questions about the mysterious noises upon themselves. In a recent Reddit thread u/KoiTakeOver "jumped the gun", if you will, and preempted the obnoxious social media posts by explaining,

Just putting it out there that the boom sound in south vine was WMUs cannon. It's a home game so if they start footballing better we'll hear more.

Boomer the Cannon

It's been years since I've attended a football game at Waldo Stadium, but "Boomer" the cannon is a piece of Bronco history and is ceremoniously fired when WMU scores a touchdown-- its tradition!

Boomer has been through some changes over the years, including reportedly having to use blanks during supply-chain issues. However, Boomer is back and LOUDER than ever!

Locals React

A friendly reminder like the one u/KoiTakeOver never hurts! The original poster claimed even they forgot about Boomer and were initially freaked out, so they figured they would spread the word. Nearby neighbors shared the same sentiments adding:

  • "We live in Arcadia neighborhood and it never fails that people forget that WMU uses a canon and sometimes fireworks. Neighborhood group then gets a few “were those gunshots?” No, Karen." - u/mcaster10
  • "Lol I just got a Ring doorbell and as soon as the canons went off there were neighborhood messages "what was that" " did someone alert the police" like relax guys it's just football season. Lol" - u/Ambitious-Bet1266
  • "Thank you, this really spooked me!" - u/NegativeOptimist4086

The better the Broncos do, the louder it will get...so let's hope things get really loud for Western this year!

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