Even the Barn Owl, knows that there is no place else like Kalamazoo

For those working at the Kalamazoo Nature Center, it was an exciting day when the CEO of the center spotted the rare Barn Owl. Mlive reported the event...

The bird was first spotted by President and CEO Nathan Smallwood after he inadvertently flushed the owl from a daytime roost. After the barn owl fled, Smallwood searched for hours before a small songbird’s alarm helped him locate the evasive bird.


If you are wondering why this night time flier is so precious to the Kalamazoo Nature Center, the Michigan Bird Records Committee said that...

There have only been 13 confirmed barn owl sightings in Michigan in the last 35 years, and none in Kalamazoo County.

Nathan Smallwood credit the staff of the Nature Center for this incredible Owl making a home here in Southwest Michigan...

"This exciting discovery gives us pride in the extensive, long-term work KNC has done to protect vital wildlife habitats, and gives us great hope for the future.

Look to the tree tops and you might see this beautiful create, here is what you are looking for...

Wikipedia describes the  Barn Owl as...

    • Medium-sized
    • Pale-coloured
    • Long wings
    • A short, squarish tail
    • Undulating flight pattern
    • Feathered leg
    • A pale heart shaped face face
    • Black eyes
    • The ridge of feathers above the beak somewhat resembling a nose.

I can't wait to see the Barn Owl soar!

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