This has been a real confusing time for so many businesses in our area as it pertains to the Covid-19 situation. People are struggling to stay afloat as they do what they can to bring income into their business during this difficult time. For restaurants, the luxury of being able to provide carry out and delivery is still allowing them to keep some kind of income flowing.

But for businesses deemed non- essential, that's another story. The social distancing and stay-at-home order have also impacted services provided by home growers who make an income off of the Kalamazoo Farmers Market. The original date they were looking for was May 2nd, which obviously did not happen. But according to their Facebook page, they're hopeful they'll be able to reopen in June:

The circumstances around the COVID-19 pandemic have been evolving rapidly, so this date (Saturday, June 6th) may change as the situation continues to develop. To keep our Vendors and Customers safe, we've adapted some new ways of operating that focus on social distancing and focuses strictly on necessary grocery items including fresh produce, bread, meat, cheese, pre-packaged foods meant for at-home consumption, personal hygiene items and pet treats/food.

As stated, the delay of the opening of the farmers market has impacted many local homegrown businesses. Luckily, the PFC of Kalamazoo has provided a page here, which informs you of local farmers, where they're located, what they provide, their websites and if they provide shipping. Keeping these people in business is crucial to the community.

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