Especially with most residents having plenty of time on their hands during the current coronavirus pandemic, the City of Kalamazoo is asking for input on its pending "marihuana" ordinance. A virtual town-hall meeting on the topic is set for Thursday, April 9th on the city's Facebook page.

In addition, the City want residents "provide feedback on zoning, licensing, and social equity requirements for adult-use marihuana businesses in the City of Kalamazoo. Residents can review the documents and watch a presentation on these topics on the city's website.  The city says comments can be submitted via email, mail, or through social media. "

(And interesting aside: the press release spells the word "marihuana".  The state of Michigan has a history and rules with this spelling.)

The spelling of marijuana has a long history in the United States. Michigan's history primarily starts from the spelling that was chosen for the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937. Michigan adopted its statutory definition of marijuana in the Public Health Code, utilizing the then current federal spelling, marihuana. -

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