A stray pot belly pig has arrived at the Kalamazoo Animal Shelter and she needs a home.

I have no idea how this little lady got lost, or how she was found, but at least she was found and being cared for by the Kalamazoo Animal Shelter. Mlive.com is reporting that the team over their is hoping to find 'Margaret' a place to call home forever.

If you are considering adopting this sweet pot belly pig, here are some things you need to know. According to petmd.com...

  • Pot bellied pigs are sensitive to the sun due to the fact that they have very little hair. No sunscreen is required but they do need lots of shady areas to hang out in.
  • Pot bellied pigs can be trained to use a litter box
  • Pot bellied pigs are a sub-species of the farm pig and wild boar, but not used for food.
  • Pot bellied pigs have very bad eyesight but an amazing sense of smell, and hearing.
  • Pot bellied pigs LOVE dirt.
  • Pot bellied pigs are very smart.
  • Training a pot bellied pig is similar to training a puppy.
  • Pot bellied pigs are some of the most social creatures.
  • Pot bellied pigs do not like hugs or cuddles. Because they are so big at birth their mother is unable to carry them, therefore they don't enjoy hugs.
  • Pot bellied pigs are usually black in color.
  • Pot bellied pigs have an awful time trying to navigate slick floors (title, wood, etc.).
  • They need their shots just like any other pet.

Could your home be Margaret's new forever home?

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