Kalamazoo has a new 3-digit number going into affect Wednesday, March 11th that will allow citizens to get help from everything from bill payments, water issues, complaints, or any other questions or concerns. According to a Facebook post made by Eric Cunningham, who works for the city of Kalamazoo, '3-1-1' goes into affect soon:

You’ve heard of 911, 211 and even “what’s the 411.” Now the City of Kalamazoo has “311” and it’s launching on this Wednesday, 3/11! You can dial the number 311 to get any city administrative assistance from bill payment, water issues, complaints, or any other questions or concerns you think we can help with. No more five different numbers to talk to the city about 5 different issues. This call center will be the central hub for city citizens.
*All current city numbers will continue to operate until further notice and also remember to call 911 in case of emergency.* #ShareThisPost to help get the news out.
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