What has been in the works since February is now official: Portage roasters Coffee Rescue has teamed up with former Impractical Jokers star Joe Gatto for a new coffee roast and you'll love the reason why!

March 15, 2022 marks the date that the Gatto Pups Rescue Roast will first hit the market. Joe posted teased the news on his official Facebook page saying,

Do you like coffee? Do you like dogs? Well have I got something for you...

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The food truck-turned-brick and mortar business says they've teamed up with Gatto to create the "paw-fect" new roast describing it as, "a Fair-Trade Organic, Ethically-Sourced light roast coffee blend from Ethiopia, Peru, Honduras and El Salvador" with a flavor profile of vanilla and maple nut to create a smooth-finish roast.

However, the best part about this new collaboration is the cause in which it supports! Coffee Rescue says their first-of-its-kind collaboration will support the adoption of rescue dogs which is why they've teamed up with Gatto and the Arizona-based LovePup Foundation. $1 from every bag of Gatto Pups Rescue Roast sold will be donated to LovePup to help the foundation rescue, re-home, and reunite lost dogs with their owners. How sweet!

Gatto says the rescue organization is near and dear to his heart as his own dog, Spumoni, was adopted through the organization over nine years ago while he was touring the U.S. with his Impractical Jokers co-stars.

Coffee Rescue, a female-owned business which has been perking up the Kalamazoo-area for the past ten years, has the Rescue Roast available for purchase in whole bean, freshly ground, and K-pod form. Find the Gatto Pups Rescue Roast online and in-store here.

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