Live music is alive and well in Michigan. Whether you see a show indoors or at an outdoor venue, live music brings people together. With the summer season quickly approaching the outdoor amphitheatres are going to be open for business and live music will be played for thousands of attendees.

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I am a fan of outdoor venues, being outside for the show offers a different experience entirely. Watching the sun go down while you watch your favorite band perform is pretty cool. There's some pretty cool outdoor venues in Michigan like Pine Knob and Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre. Pine Knob is awesome for shows and Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre is a mini version of "the knob". It's a bitter more intimate.


A recent study was done to showcase the most "live music obsessed states". They study used the following criteria:

We compiled 134 search terms related to music festivals and artists on tour this summer, using sites like Festicket and Parade. To find out the most popular artist and festivals in each state, we used Google Trends to analyze the search terms in order to find the highest search interest over the past year. To determine the most music-obsessed states, we calculated the total search interest for each artist, musical group, and festival in each state.


Emma McIntyre, Getty Images
Emma McIntyre, Getty Images

Michigan Ranks in Top 10!

Wouldn't you know that Michigan ranks in the top 10 states obsessed with live music! Although Michigan comes in at #10, we love our live music and get out to live a little every year. Keep getting out to shows. Keep smiling and let music bring people together.

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