Coffee Rescue got its name in and around the Kalamazoo area for two reasons: 1. It's served out of an old emergency response vehicle; and 2. Owner Jamie Brock loves rescuing people from their caffeine deficiencies every day.

But there's another way that Coffee Rescue is saving people in the community. In fact, Jamie and Coffee Rescue are saving more than just people with her Coffees for a Cause campaign.

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Coffee Rescue has been rollin' around Kalamazoo, Portage since 2012, and southwest Michigan for several years now, and saving a lot of people from low energy at events with their signature Ambulance food truck.

Its owner, Jamie, roasts all her own coffee, and puts everything together herself, with her team of helpers of course. But just providing a kick for the community isn't all she's passionate about.

Jamie loves helping non-profits, and has been very vocal about how a portion of her coffee sales largely goes to multiple organizations. In fact, she has six varieties that, when bought, $1 from every sale will be donated.


Caramel to the Rescue

Coffee Rescue
Coffee Rescue

This coffee benefits the Hero Round Table, which teaches people how to be more than a "bystander." The company began in Michigan, and is now established on three continents, inspiring people to act on behalf of others that could include a risk or sacrifice for themselves, much like Coffee Rescue donating so much to non-profits from their sales.


Gatto Pups Rescue Roast Vanilla Maple Nut


This one is my particular favorite blend from Coffee Rescue, and it benefits the #LovePup Animal Rescue, headed by Joe Gatto, formerly of the comedy group, "Impractical Jokers." He is part of a National rescue program that ensures that rescue dogs will get adopted.


"Ka-Smile" Sweet Cream Espresso


An obviously Super Hero theme, this brand donates to the Captain Encouragement Super Hero Youth Program, which pursues a positive environment of teaching kindness to children, and denouncing bullying.


"Artisan Abilities" Hazelnut


The Hazelnut roast benefits the Work Skills Corp Inclusive Art Program, which is another excellent Michigan program that provides focus on helping individuals with disabilities identify, secure, and retain employment.


Pumpkin Patch Roast


Gryphon Place & Community Healing Center benefits from this Fall Flavor, but Jamie keeps it available year-round. The Gryphon Place is located locally and offers a youth drug drop-in center that will help young people in need of some help, and a safe place.


Michigan Cherry


And right back to our four-legged friends with this one, the Michigan Cherry blend benefits the Kalamazoo Animal Rescue and Animal Rescue Project, which aims to offer protection, human care, and treatment of animals, a spay and neuter sterilization program, and veterinary care.

In addition to following Coffee Rescue on their social media to track where they'll be this spring and summer, you can also order their products from their website year-round.

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