Being named the most-educated city in America is quite an honor. One Michigan city can boast its knowledge over the rest of the country as an extensive study found it to be the most educated in the entire country.

It likely won't come as much of a surprise, but WalletHub's study found that Ann Arbor, the home of the University of Michigan, was worthy of the top spot.

From WalletHub:

The Ann Arbor, MI, metro area is the most educated in the country, with over 95% of adults ages 25 and older having at least a high school diploma, over 57% having a bachelor’s degree and over 30% having an advanced degree, all of which are the highest rates in the country.

Ann Arbor also boasts the 18th-best public school system.

The University of Michigan is routinely recognized as one of the top public universities as it relates to the quality of education received. As many graduates find a suitable home in Ann Arbor, it's understandable that the desire for a complete and exceptional education would be instilled in the community.

While Ann Arbor outperformed the rest of the country, other Michigan cities landed in varying positions throughout the list which included the 150 most populated cities in America.

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The Lansing/East Lansing area was the next highest, earning the rank of No. 42. Grand Rapids wasn't much further behind at No. 67.

The Detroit metro area performed admirably in the study as well, landing at No. 80 overall. It should be noted that this ranking is due more to the collective education of the adult population, as the quality of education received in the area is among the worst in the country, ranked at No. 130.

Flint had the lowest ranking of eligible Michigan cities at No. 127. Notable cities Flint outperformed nationally include Las Vegas, Mobile, Rockford (IL), and Fresno.

The full study from WalletHub can be seen here.

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