Most Americans love chain restaurants. Whether it's a weekly or monthly outing or just the familiarity of casual dining in a restaurant with comfort food, chain restaurants are usually known for pretty affordable prices comparatively.

And for the most part, they're popular everywhere which is why it's always shocking and a bit of a jolt when we hear about mass closings.

It's like what went wrong? How could a popular go-to favorite where you know what to expect just close all over the United States?

Say goodbye to the fan-favorite Bloomin' Onion from Outback Steakhouse, an Australian-themed steak chain, in many parts of the country. And it wasn't a casual closing but quite abruptly according to CNN.

Are you one of the locations? And will there be more closings? Time will tell during some restructuring with such a change in dining out over the last few years.

The chain's parent company, Bloomin' Brands based in Florida, has been struggling with many locations so it decided to close them permanently according to CNN. More than 40 restaurants were shut down unexpectedly to workers and restaurant goers with the majority of them being an Outback Steakhouse also known for their baby back ribs.

Bloomin' Brands also closed down some Carrabba's Italian Grills, Bonefish Grills, and Flemings Steakhouse and Wine Bar restaurants around the country according to CNN.

This was a business decision that has no reflection on the staff or their service. Many team members will have the opportunity to transfer to open positions at another restaurant. Employees who do not will receive severance.

According to the National Restaurant News online, Bloomin' Brands will be opening new restaurants across all of its brands and new designs later this year as it focuses on the changing habits of consumers including the fact that take-out and delivery have increased substantially.

No word where those will be.

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