This is not a replacement for Ribfest. The annual celebration of everything porcine would have been this past weekend, but, well, you know. It didn't happen because of...again, well, you know.

But Friday evening, there's a Food Truck Rally at the parking lot that used to be Wayside West's, there will be 14 street food vendors for a carryout only event, but eight of those fourteen will have ribs on the menu. Now we're talkin'.

Some of these vendors don't normally do ribs, so there's a mystery aspect to it, and, again, you'll have eight to choose from.

And there's also a competition aspect to this event, too. The event runs from 6p to 9p this Friday evening, August 7th on Stadium Drive. The organizers want you to download an app named KZStreetFood. Once you're in on that, it'll redirect you to SurveyMonkey, where you can vote. But since you're not eating all eight ribs (boy if you are, I salute and envy you, and pass the Tums.) it's a popularity contest. (Noooo, don't make me use the old "lipstick on a pig" line. No, stop it.)

In this strangest of summers, if you're in the mood for ribs or some other street food delicacy, stop at the former Wayside West parking low. Here's some of the other ground rules:

As mentioned above, this is a take-out only event and the organizers are following Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s Executive Order. You have to wear a mask. There will be markings on the ground 6 feet apart for truck-side pickup. They are limiting attendance to 100, and attendees "are welcome to eat at their vehicles. As always, if you are sick, please stay home."

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