My yellow lab, Stella, uses her paws like they are human hands but I haven't been able to snap a photo until now.

Whenever I have guests over, she sits right in front of them, lifts up her paw and lays it in their lap until they grab and hold it.  When we play catch, she tries to grab the ball or toy with her paws first and most of the time she is successful.  When I try to explain it to someone, they laugh it off but when they actually see it, they are shocked.  Stella is definitely one of a kind.

I took this photo the other day right after I tossed her porcupine to her while she was laying on the couch.  I named the porcupine Jack. All of her toys have names because I'm not weird.  She just barely caught him and wasn't sure what to do next so, she just held on for dear life...


Stella is Hilarious

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