Winter got ya down?  Half million dollars could turn that frown upside down.

You could win $5, $10, $1,000...heck even $500,000 with each $5 Winter Winnings instant lottery ticket from the Michigan Lottery.  Marshall & McGregor will try to warm up your winter by giving you 15 shots at that half a million dollars.

How to Win

Listen to 103.3 KFR Friday Morning around 6: 50.  We'll give you a chance to call in and solve a simple math problem.  I know, math in the morning sucks.  But winning cash doesn't.  The contest will run Friday, Jan. 10th, Friday, Jan 17th and Friday, Jan 24th.  One winner will get their hands on 15 Winter Winnings instant lottery tickets like the one pictured below.

Dana Marshall

Winning $1,000 could change your life.  Imagine what $500,000 could do.  It's time to start daydreaming about what to do with all of that money courtesy of the Michigan Lottery.  Good Luck.