April 1 will be the first home game of the Tiger's 2021 season and for fans attending the game, it will be a bit different than in the past with the COVID-19 protocols.

Since Governor Whitmer lowered the restrictions on how many people can attend a Tiger's baseball game, opening day has went from 1000 fans to 8200 fans that will be allowed to attend.

Yes there will be a baseball game with the Tigers taking on the Cleveland Indians. Yes there will be drinks and hot dogs and all the things you would normally expect while visiting a Major League Baseball park but things will definitely be different this year.

Whether you are at the Tiger's home opener or plan to travel for a game of your choice later in the season you are going to want to know what Comerica Park is doing to keep you and the players safe and what is expected of you and your group to keep players safe.

Here is a link to what Comerica Park is doing to keep the park safe for its employees and visitors for games and events for 2021.

Now obviously fans will be required to wear a facemask at all times while coming in and out of the park, as well as during the game no matter where you are. You will be able to lower your mask to eat or drink but if you are not doing either of those things you must have your mask on.

Comerica Park is requiring all fans do a Gameday Wellness survey no more than 24 hours before the game. You can click here for the survey. Bring your debit or credit card because there will be no cash sales of any kind.

There will be no bags, purses or clutches allowed but if you do have a medical bag or diaper bag you will be able to take those in.

As far as seating goes, fans will be in seated pods with their group. The pods will be at least six feet of social distancing between them.

The complete gameday list of COVID-19 protocols are right here.

Go Tigers! Be safe fans!

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