Here's what happens when we have nothing but time on our hands during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Southwest Michigan residents have been spending their time doing lots of home improvement, home schooling, online classes, spending time outside and art.  Check out some of the photos that the audience shared with us this week below.

I also asked people to Duet me on TikTok to show me what they're doing during the quarantine.

One of my favorites was Jillian from Portage,

@barry_mccockiner420This corona break sucks! But I’ve found some ways to keep me occupied before my siblings LITERALLY make me lose my mind! @danaonair♬ original sound - danaonair

 Then there's this one from Melissa,

I think John and Mary in Detroit are enjoying beer and making cookies,

Aaron is watching Hannah Montana on Disney Plus,

Joseph is enjoying a cigar while his lady holds something in her hand...I'm not sure what that is,

You can duet my TikTok by clicking here and show me what you're doing during the Stay Home, Stay Safe order.


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