MLive says Jim Harbaugh is getting a 10% raise. He makes $5 mil. That's a half million dollar raise. It's in his contract. This past season, the Wolverines were 8-5. Michigan was the only Big Ten team to not win it's bowl game. Now I understand, the Michigan athletics program is a billion (with a B) dollar business. His $5 million per season is a drop in the bucket. But as radio-TV host Dan Patrick said this morning, look at his record at Michigan. He's Brady Hoke.

The other side of that argument is presented by SB Nation: (In fact, during the 2017 season, the two had identical records at Michigan, but yes, there's a difference)

And here's the real bottom line. Michigan fans and more importantly, alums and donors, want a "Michigan guy". Harbaugh is a Michigan guy. And he's been successful everywhere he played and coached.

But bottom line, if he'd beat Ohio State, we're not having this conversation. Oh, and you and I need a better agent.




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