For those of you who are anti-meat and want to seek an alternative for it, a new shop in Marshall may be your new favorite spot. The Hangry Herbivore, an all vegan cafe, officially opened it's doors on Sept. 1 at Outside the Box Functional Medicine and Wellness Café at 136 W. Michigan Ave. in downtown Marshall. Two years ago, after her doctor told her that she had high cholesterol and needed to start eating healthier, Lakota Fradette became a vegan two years ago and started cooking vegan dishes for her family. She was so good at it that her husband and three children  became vegans themselves.

Recently she spoke to BCE about how she enjoys the challenges of making foods that are normally unhealthy, with plant-based products: "It’s really one of my favorite parts of the business. I like a challenge and making some of these things healthy can be a big challenge. One of the challenges is finding out what people like and what people will pay for." You can read more about her story here.

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