I was looking ridiculous on Halloween Day.  It seemed like a great time to submit a "Roast Me" picture to reddit.  What was I thinking?

For those of you not familiar with Reddit or the r/roastme subreddit I'll explain.  Reddit is a VERY large community of anonymous internet trolls.  If you post something in reddit, especially in the roastme subreddit, you better have a great sense of humor and a thick skin.

With that being said, here is a sample of some of the less graphic responses to my picture:

[–]Sigerlion 11 points  

No need to take your hat off sir. We don't want to be blinded by the glare. Rather than a roast, here's a joke:

Q: What’s the difference between a DJ and a US savings bond?

A: One of them eventually matures and earns money.

[–]io7hazcookiez 7 points  

Once you've fought off all the neckbeards with katanas this guy emerges as the final boss

[–]turnpike37 2 points  

I've always wondered what ever happened to Papa Shango. Now I now.

[–]Murfand 2 points  

The annoying uncle who never grew up that’s begrudgingly invited over once a year for thanksgiving

[–]Damnitgreg 1 point  

I'm getting Kevin Spacey vibes from this guy.


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