While it may be surprising to some that of all the things in our lives that were affected by the coronavirus pandemic shut down, that the haircut issue would become the most contentious. But that becomes a moot point a week from Monday, June 15th, as Governor Gretchen Whitmer says salons and barbershops can re-open on that date.

"That's right," Whitmer said. "You can get a haircut." And with that, We're off to the razors...er, races. One thinks, this could be the happiest celebration in Michigan, since the repeal of Prohibition in 1933.

The order affects hair salons, barbershops, spas and other personal-care businesses. It does not appear, in preliminary reports, that there are any qualifiers, such as in China, where appointments need to be made through a video call, so the stylist can make a general assessment of the person's health.

But even with this positive announcement, questions do still remain, such as why hair became such a focal point. The most logical is that there are so many hair styling professionals who were suddenly without their source of income. But getting beyond that, was it the short hairs on the nape of the neck getting long and itchy that drove this, or a general question of vanity. With our faces covered by masks, is this the only way to show off our looks, in a society that's way too obsessed with such things.

And I'm purposely avoiding the whole liberty and personal freedom argument, as considering who the two sides in that dispute are, it's scream that a lot of it was nothing more that political posturing and sabre-rattling.

But let's put all that garbage behind us, and get on the phone and make a hair cut appointment.

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