A few weekends ago we saw Saturday Night Live actress Cecily Strong give her take on Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer in a skit during the stay-at-home series of the show. In the skit, Strong was drinking a Canadian beer, to which Whitmer responded later in an interview that, "We love Canada, but we drink Michigan beer,” as she sipped on a Bell's Two Hearted Ale. This eventually led Governor Whitmer to send Strong a Kalamazoo care package all the way to New York.

The actress posted a picture on her Instagram of an insanely large package she received which contained cases of Oberon,Two Hearted, Light Two Hearted and Official, along with various Bell's beer stickers, coasters, coozies, buttons, pens, signs, and a shirt as well. The actress posted that she was blown away by the gift as she expressed her excitement in the post, "Got a giant and gorgeous Michigan care package sent to New York courtesy of that super cool woman from Michigan."

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