Can you go one day without your smartphone?  How about 365 days if it gets you $100 Grand?

Seriously, what is the longest you've been without your smartphone?  A recent survey from showed showed some alarming stats,

Almost 40 per cent of survey respondents said they use their smartphone for three hours or more each day.

Another 47 per cent (almost half of 14,000 respondents) indicated they spent one to two hours on the phone daily. started a promotion this week that has many people paying attention.  Using your smartphone, they want you to post a photo on twitter or instagram telling them why you need a break from your smartphone.  You may be wondering how they can police this contest.  How on earth will they know if you're really following the rules.  Two words: lie detector.  I'm not kidding.

If you think you can handle this challenge, dust off that old flip phone and get registered before 1/8/19.  More info on the contest can be found by clicking here and full rules to their contest can be found by clicking here.

If you do enter this contest please let us know.  We'll gladly cheer you on over the radio. :)



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