Gas prices have pretty abruptly stopped going up and and are slowly drifting down. That trip to the cottage up North or to the beach at South Haven is a little more affordable than it has been for a long time. Now there's three days for "them" to jack it up, but maybe not this year.

Hand with gas pump and money
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A quick check of GasBuddy on Tuesday at noon shows the lowest prices are $2.28 and $2.29 and most are in the lower $2.30's range. AAA says today's gas prices are the lowest for this time of year since 2005.

Reading some analysis of the Brexit story, with Europe's economy is a state of chaos, the American dollar is much stronger, and that's behind the lower gasoline price.

And those lower gas prices should lead to a record number of travelers this holiday weekend (Thursday, June 30 through Monday, July 4) and 5 million more travelers compared to Memorial Day weekend.

Hate to wish misfortune on anyone, but it's certainly nice to be paying a few dollars less at the pump these days.

And then, you might be thinking what I'm thinking; "What's the catch?". Our prices locally always spike when you least expect it. World crisis - Spike! Seasonal maintenance - Spike! Wind blowing from the west - Spike!. So let's see what happens.

Wear your seatbelt, don't drink and drive and happy and safe travels this holiday weekend.


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