Dear Owner of Sir Duke,

I was reading the article on about the fight you are facing regarding the return of your dog from a shelter.

I do understand your feelings of  loss, but I do not understand your lack of handling this situation in a timely manner. I can only think of what I would do if my dog Olive, had jumped out an open window and run away. Nothing would stop me from claiming her from the animal shelter.  You reason that your wallet was stolen, and that your car broke down so it took time before you could rescue your pet from the shelter makes no sense to me. I would be at the Secretary of State in a heart beat to obtain a new ID and hire a cab, Uber, enlist a friend for a ride or walk to restive my dog. On top of taking your own sweet time to get your dog out a very stressful situation and bring him home, workers at the shelter are expressing concern for the welfare of Sir Duke...

"One of the workers said Duke was unusually skinny when he arrived at the shelter, and had a skin condition, although that worker also acknowledged Duke’s owner stopped by provide Duke antibiotics for the problem."

I must say thank you for bringing in the medication that your dog needed, but being a pet owner comes with great responsibility and seems to be something that you can not handle. Sometimes we have to look ourselves in the mirror and  recognize what we can not handle. At this time in your life the caring of a pet may be too much. I know that you love your animal but I beg you to love him enough to allow him to be adopted into a good home. That is the true test of love.


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