The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is set to debut a new program later this month and what makes this news even more exciting is the fact that we've finally the essential ingredient to this whole experience: snow!

According to a press release by the Michigan DNR the state legislature recently approved bills requiring the DNR to offer a free snowmobiling weekend to residents.

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In hopes the program may, "encourage experienced riders to bring along friends new to the sport who may get hooked on the experience for a lifetime" the Michigan DNR will waive the required snowmobiling permits on February 11 and 12 for Free Snowmobiling Weekend.

In a statement chief of the DNR Parks and Recreation Division, Ron Olson said,

Free Snowmobiling Weekend is a great opportunity for those that haven’t dusted off their snowmobiles to jump on the trails...It’s also a great time for out-of-state visitors to come explore thousands of miles of trails found in the Upper and Lower peninsulas.

Snowmobile Trails in Michigan

Just how many miles of snowmobile trails does Michigan have? Nearly 6,500! With so many designated snowmobile trails, it's no wonder Michigan comes in 3rd place behind Wisconsin and Minnesota when it comes to states with the highest number of registered sleds. In 2021 Michigan had over 178,109 snowmobiles registered with the state.

What's the Cost?

Outside of Free Snowmobiling Weekend a trail permit will cost you $52 per year. That's in addition to the cost of registering your snowmobile with the Secretary of State which runs about $30 and is valid for three years. Funds from the sale of permits go directly toward Michigan's snowmobile program which handles the grooming, signage, and maintenance of the state's public snowmobile trails.

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