There seems to be two things taking over the streets of Southwest Michigan the past few years, stink bugs and dollar stores. Now, on one hand it's great. Especially with all the upgrades that Dollar Tree in general has made recently, with adding an actually grocery section to their Westnedge location. It really does help families of lower- income out having an option like that.

On the other hand, there are people out there who can not stand the fact that there is yet ANOTHER dollar store coming to town. The original post made from the Positve Paw Paw ByMichelle page shows the mixed reaction from the people of Paw Paw:
Vickie Robinson- That's great its about time!!
Kim Vargas - Jones- Great to see new businesses coming in. New jobs for those that do not have vehicles. And live in town.
Pam Adams- We need another Dollar Store?
Missy Anne Alfieri- Well my children will be happy to have a place to spend their tooth fairy money
Judy Boston Merrill- Fun. . .now we can “comparison” shop with Dollar Tree, Dollar General AND Family Dollar. Economics in action!