Kalamazoo has everything one could want!

Recently a poll was taken by HomeToGo, which is search engine for vacation rentals and a few cities in Michigan made the top 20; what shocked me was that Kalamazoo did not make the list. Who did?

  • Detroit
  • Grand Rapids
  • Ann Arbor

According to the article in Mlive millennial's are looking for 6 things when they vacation....

  1. Affordable airfares
  2. Availability of experiences
  3. "Instagrammability"
  4. Affordable food and drink
  5. Dynamic nightlife
  6. Affordable accommodations

I believe those 3 cities have NOTHING on Kalamazoo! In fact, lets check out the compatibility of the Millennial's desires and what we have!

  1. Affordable airfares - Kalamazoo has a lovely airport with competitive prices if you book in advance.
  2. Availability of experiences - How about staying at the Henderson Castle? It is rumored to be haunted, that could be a cool experience!
  3. "Instagrammability" - How about an Instagram of you and friends walking down Candy Cane Lane. Yes, seasonal so how about a walk through Bronson park.
  4. Affordable food and drink - we have amazing restaurants and bars like Hopcat or Los Amigos
  5. Dynamic nightlife - One word...Bell's Brewery
  6. Affordable accommodation - Of course you could book a room at the classic Red Roof In, but why when you can take advantage of our great Air B&B's

That is just the tip of the iceberg! Kalamazoo has an amazing downtown Mall to shop at for souvenirs like the Spirit of Kalamazoo or Terrapin World Wide Imports. Or, stop by Boat Yard Brewing or Wax Works for a tasty brew. You can catch a show at the State Theatre or Miller Auditorium. Seriously, everything another city has, we do it better...just saying!

Gotta Love our town!




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