In a rather strange and out of nowhere move, the city of Battle Creek has banned fireworks from being detonated from the field at C.O. Brown Stadium. In a press release made online, it explains why the ban was put in place, while also providing proof that contradicts the reasoning for the ban:

City representatives cited a study of perchlorates found in the groundwater in Evart, MI as the reasoning for this change. At the same time, the city of Battle Creek also provided the team with documentation of 4 Verona wells that were tested this past year in May of 2020. Those tests concluded with no perchlorates being found. Despite these test results, the city has decided that fireworks shows will not be able to be hosted by the team.

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Will There Be Anymore Fireworks At Growlers Games?

As it stands now, there is no issue with fireworks at Growlers games and the team fully plans on continuing the tradition at Homer Stryker Field. I sent a message to Brian Colopy, manager of the Growlers and affiliate of the Bombers, about the ban of Fireworks and he seemed to be confused himself about the ban:

We have shot fireworks shows for 15 years and were told they were banned even though studies were showing no impact. [It's] Just Battle Creek [Bombers games] and not in Battle Creek completely. Just for our shows. It's Baffling. So shows can still be shot in other areas. This is specific to the team and the stadium.

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