The last Fannie May store in Michigan just suddenly closed.

If you've driven down Westnedge Ave in Portage near I-94 this weekend you may have noticed the shell of what used to be a vibrant white building with red and white striped awnings that was filled with delicious candy.  Apparently, Fannie May suddenly closed up shop on Thursday.  As of Sunday, the signs are gone and the building has been gutted.  The only thing left is a sign on the door that reads, "Thanks for the sweet memories.  Our store's last day of business will be Thursday, October 24th, 2019.

Dana Marshall
Dana Marshall

On the Vanished Kalamazoo facebook page, Cheryl Cook mentioned,

It closed Thursday night. Stopped by to get my Cubbie Bar and to say goodbye.  The manager told us that they received like a week's notice that they were closing. I didn't hear any given reason.

Kaylee Cox had this to say about why they suddenly closed their doors,

Ferrero Rocher said it was a business decison for the good of the company. Thats all we were told.

A Fannie May spokesperson responded to our request for info on the closing with the following statement:

Periodically, as the course of doing normal business, we evaluate our real estate holdings. We are deeply committed to the Fannie May business and in fact, are currently in the course of refreshing over 20 stores. Additionally, this holiday season, we’re looking to expand the Fannie May presence beyond our brick & mortars, as customers across the country will have the opportunity to shop select Fannie May holiday favorites via Amazon.

There are two locations left in Indiana.  One in Michigan City, IN and the closest location to Kalamazoo (70 miles) the Granger, IN location.