You won't believe how long this lovable and playful dog has been without a family.

I asked Katie Timber, who has been hanging at the SPCA of South West Michigan waiting for a family the longest.  Here was her answer,

I present to you, the tireless fetcher! Ember's my name and fetchin's my game! Toys and treats is what I live for. Tennis balls? I'l fetch them. Rope toys? I'll tug them. Hot dogs? I'LL EAT THEM ALL. They say I may be mixed with bunny rabbit, because I'm just bouncing all around. I'm also obsessed with water! Need to water the garden? LET ME HALPP! I genuinely love attention and playtime. At around 3 years old, I've learned that I would prefer a home where I'd be the only one to get the attention. Other dogs, cats and small kids just aren't my thing. But don't worry, there's enough love in my heart to give to the perfect home!


Would Ember fit perfectly in your family?  Help end her 10 month residency at the SPCA of Southwest Michigan.  Get more info by clicking here.


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