Still being relatively new to Michigan, I've joined several Facebook groups to try to learn as much as I can about where to travel, what restaurants to visit and so on. One of the most lighthearted groups I belong to is Rainbows Over Michigan. People share gorgeous photos of Michigan lakes and forests, hand-crafted items, and so on. But, that's where I spotted what I believe to be a real life Disney Princess living in our midst.

Since I've reached out but haven't heard back I'll be referring to her, simply, as Mary.

Mary first caught my attention a couple of weeks ago when she posted this video of her getting birds to fly to her hand and eat the presented bird feed, seemingly with ease. Check it out here.

That's not just one but multiple birds showing zero fear and eating from her hand. Surely this was a fluke. A random chance. Just some good luck! But, I was mistaken.

Three days ago she posted another video doing the same thing! Both videos were shot at Kensington Metropark in Milford.

See the video here. What is this wizardry???

I reached out to Mary to try to discover her secret because...I have a lot of questions.

  1. How long did you have to stand there, in the snow, with that bird feed just resting in your hand?
  2. Are these secretly your birds and you've just trained them really well?
  3. Are you using some Pied Piper level technology to make them trust you?

Even though I've yet to have my questions answered, it's clear that her videos bring nothing but joy to the people of Michigan. Or at least the Rainbows Over Michigan group.

The comments on her videos range from "this is the nicest thing I've seen today!" to people wanting to know how she does this. She has, in fact, shared some tips and it sounds like others have had luck.

Kris H commented: We've done this with deer also. Nothing like it!!!

Kelly M wrote: We went yesterday. Even wild turkeys ate out of my husbands hand!

Brandy W said: Every time we go out there the birds are very picky in what they like. Some will sit in your hand and toss the stuff they don’t want. Cracks me up!

Regardless of the success of others at feeding these birds nothing will convince me that there's not some Disney level sorcery going on here.

Yes, I kid. Watching Mary's videos is something that instantly makes me smile. I will say if you plan on trying to feed wild animals to practice caution and make sure you're not violating any rules.

Thank you, Mary, for sharing your videos and bringing a little joy and magic to the lives of your fellow Michiganders. ❤️

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