Here's the problem. It doesn't sound appropriate, but Belgian National Day is coming up this Saturday, July 21st. It's a celebration, marking the country’s birth as a constitutional monarchy in 1831. Belgium is also known as a country that produces great beers. So, would you celebrate that with a complimentary belch?That, and another thing. If the people of France are called French, shouldn't the people of Belgium be referred to as Belch? This inquiring mind wants to know.

But back to Belgian National Day. We got an email from the folks at HopCat telling us about how they're celebrating; not only with an assortment of Belgian beers, both on tap and in bottles, but something extra special: A Belgian twist on their signature Crack Fries. "Crack Friittes" will be fries served with blue cheese-black pepper aioli and pesto aioli..

“Belgium produces some of the most interesting, complex, and unique beers styles in the world, using many traditional techniques, processes, and ingredients that have been stiflingly modernized in much of the rest of the world,” -  Adam Roberts, HopCat’s Regional Beverage Program Manager.

Here's something I never made a connection on - I've become quite a fan of sour beers - I didn't realize Lambic beers are essentially sours. Raspberry Lambic is a great beer, as is Lambic Kriek (cherry).

Hop Cat is also hosting a Belgian-themed beer dinner on July 31st, when they'll pair five  Belgian beers with four dinner courses.

One final thought: Anheuser-Busch in now own by a Belgian company, InBev. Doesn't that make Budweiser a Belgian beer?



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