A Detroit area man is threatening legal action against WMU after suffering an alleged concussion at Waldo Stadium prior to this past Saturday night's football game.

WWJ Radio in Detroit is reporting Michael Nachman, who uses a mobility scooter, was headed up a ramp around 6pm, alone. He claims the scooter hit a bump, tipped, and proceeded to fall back onto him.

"I hit a patch area at the top and the wheel went straight up over my head. I ended up slamming my head straight into the pavement behind me and the mobility scooter came down on top of me," - Michael Nachman via WWJ.

Nachman, whose son is in the Bronco marching band, is normally accompanied by his wife, but she stayed back to watch the pre-game band warm-up.

Nachman was tended to by paramedics and police. He suffered bruises and cuts. He says he was also diagnosed with a concussion.

Nachman, who has severe liver disease, is looking into filing a complaint under the Americans With Disabilities Act. WWJ quotes WMU spokesperson Tony Proudfoot as saying the university had crews at the stadium on Tuesday determining whether the ramp is ADA compliant.

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