Classes start for WMU on September 5th, then K-College starts on September 11th. Here is what every Freshman needs to survive.

Leaving for College and living on your own for the first time is exciting, but can be overwhelming if you don't have what you need. When you are living at home with your parents, they seem to have anything you need at a moments notice, when venturing out on your own for the first time, that is usually not the case! had a great list of what a Freshman needs!

Here Are The 10 Staples Every Freshman Needs To Have...

  1. Safety Pins - You might think you don't need them, until you do.
  2. Superglue - Who doesn't need superglue?!? Good for fixing things or sealing an open wound.
  3. A Tool Box - There is always something to put together, hang or fix.
  4. Umbrella - Walking to class in the rain is the worst because you are soaked for the entire class.
  5. Duct Tape - Duct tape can fix anything (seriously).
  6. A Sturdy Laundry Bag - Laundry in a bag is so much easier to haul around then a basket (plus, things won't fall out on the ground and others won't be able to check out your undies).
  7. ABPA-Free Water Bottle - Instead of spending your money on a bottle of water, bring your own.
  8. A Handheld Vacuum - Perfect for fast cleans ups (and I promise, people will ask to borrow it, just make sure you get it back).
  9. Shower Caddy - Perfect if you share a dorm, apartment, or house. Keep all things in one place then there is no confusion on what stuff is who's.
  10. An Iron - Now that you don't live with your Mom, you are going to have to handle your own wrinkles.

Another great year is ahead for WMU and K-College, good luck to everyone (especially the Freshman)!


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