Moving the Detroit Auto Show to June is more than a change on the calendar; it's a move to re-imagine what an auto show is. That's what the midnight announcement means to the auto industry and to Michiganders.

The auto show's organizers made the announcement at midnight this morning - the 2020 Auto Show will be on June 8th, a drastic change from the traditional January dates. The hope is this will allow a complete revamp of what a Detroit auto show can be, not being limited to an indoor venue due to cold January weather conditions.

The Detroit News reports automakers are excited at the prospect of being able to take certain exhibits and displays at the auto show outdoors. Organizers, at the same, have been hastened by the growing list of defections, including the Big 3 German automakers bailing on the January 2019 show.

(WXYZ Detroit/ABC 7 via YouTube)

The News article states its also a continuing effort by the show to stay relevant, as the internet has changed (and maybe ruined) interest for consumers, in that, as with most types of shopping, people don't have to leave their homes to shop.

The article states attendance hasn't dropped, yet, but moving certain parts of the show, and tying it to events like the Detroit Grand Prix and fireworks displays might recharge interest in the show and prompt a return of previous automakers who defected.


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