A specific threat was found in a restroom at the Decatur Middle School today that caused a shut down and investigation.

A student snapchat story shows what appears to be a threat written in pencil inside a stall that reads "I'm gonna shot up the school 3/27/18."  It may be nothing.  However, it's easy to see this as a specific threat targeting Decatur Public Schools Tuesday, March 27th.  According to WWMT,

Decatur school administrators found a threat written on a bathroom stall before school ended on Monday. Kids were sent home and parents were notified.

Decatur Schools Superintendent Patrick Creagan said that any events held on the school campus are canceled for Monday.

This message was just posted on the Decatur Public Schools facebook page,

This afternoon, a written threat was found in one of the bathrooms. The police were contacted immediately and we are presently doing an investigation to determine the credibility of the threat. We anticipate that the investigation will continue tomorrow, therefore, school has been canceled for Tuesday, March 27th. I will keep everyone updated of our investigation once we are able to release more information. Thank you. -- Dr. Patrick Creagan, Superintendent of Decatur Public Schools.

This comes just a week after Paw Paw schools were closed due to a similar threat.

We'll keep you up to date as more information becomes available.



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