Here is how you can protect your pup from Coyotes.

I personally own a "small" dog with a big attitude. My girl Olive will never stand down if she or myself is threatened. That is wonderful but scary at the same time because we can not control all the encounters that we have. Ever since Dana Marshall filmed to wild coyote's in his backyard (which is less then a mile from where I live) I have feared that Olive and I may run into a coyote on our nightly walk.

I carry a boat horn to blast, pepper spray and of course my phone. Yet, if we run into trouble I do not believe what I have will be enough to protect my girl Olive. So what can a pet owner do? You can buy a Coyote Vest! Yep, a Coyote Vest, sounds crazy, but it is crazy brilliant! According to the companies website, this is how their story started...

When we first introduced the CoyoteVest back in November 2015, we imagined a small hobby business where we might sell a few items on Etsy. Once word of the CoyoteVest started to spread it became clear that we needed to think a lot bigger. It turned out there are many people who are as concerned as we are about the safety of their beloved pets.

The basic coyote vest runs $99.95 and includes...

  • Stab-resistant kevlar
  • A spiked collar (12 one inch spikes at the neck area)
  • it's light weight (;less then a pound) and comfortable
  • Velcro makes it easy to put on and take off
  • Adjustable collar and waist belt

There are optional accessories available for a small additional price...

  • one inch spikes that run the length of the dogs back ($9.95 a strip)
  • Coyote whiskers that attach to the back of the vest and will irritate the eyes and mouth of the attacking animal. ($4.96 for a pack of 3)
  • A Hawk shield that runs $39.95

The dogs that wear these coyote vests have a real chance of surviving an attack by a wild animal (and the pups look pretty cute in them)!

I am thinking of purchasing one for Olive and I would love any opinions that you have on them and how well they work.


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