The news is out. Ed Sheeran's doing a show at Ford Field on Saturday night, September 8th. The Lions' 2018 season begins the next day. Coincidence?

Sheeran's Divide Tour (what a dumb name for tour) stops at  Ford Field the day before the Lions start their new season. Now the Lions' schedule hasn't been released yet, and they may not even be home that weekend, but what 9-7 2nd place team couldn't use a 5'8" red head who probably has never played on down of (American) football in his life? I'll hang up and listen for your answer. Tarik Cohen? Anyone? Anyone?

Okay, all kidding aside, tickets for Sheeran's show begin going on sale this Monday (February 12) through Ticketmaster. (Ticket sales have become more complicated than rocket science, which is why the Lions hired a rocket scientist to coach the team) If there are any tickets left by Friday, then regular people will have a chance to buy them on Feb. 16th. Cheap seats are $36 before the service charges. That's not horrible these days.

Now, if you like to live on the edge, here's a wild option. Sheeran's playing Soldier Field in Chicago on Thursday, October 4th.  Think about this; October in Chicago, on the Lake. in an open-air outdoor stadium. What could go wrong?

But the summer and fall concert season is just beginning to heat up. Hope you get to see your favorites.




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