Representative Cartwright and other Congressmen ask Governor Rick Snyder to resign during Thursday's hearing on the Flint Water Crisis.  To say it got heated would be an understatement.

Many members of congress, both Republican and Democrat, grilled Governor Snyder and EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy.

The highlight of the Congressional hearing Thursday had to be when Rep Cartwright laid into the Governor.  According to the video below via C-Span - YouTube,

There you are dripping with guilt but drawing your paycheck, hiring lawyers at the expense of the people.

I think what bothers me most about the video below is the look on Snyder's face during this whole event.  See the entire video of Rep. Carwright grilling Snyder below.

Below is the video of Republican Jason Chaffetz grilling both Governor Snyder and EPA Administrator McCarthy courtesy of C-SPAN - YouTube.

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