Wings Etc. Grill and Pub located at 599 East Chicago in Coldwater has closed down. The unfortunate news came right before the new year, and according to one of the former employees, the news came as an absolute shock, as Dallas Fitzgerald took to Facebook saying, "Coldwater Wings Etc is permanently closed, best of luck to all my coworkers, you all will be missed!! Most of us will definitely have to keep in touch!" After a friend asked him as to why they closed he responded:

No idea, basically I was told yesterday the owner was coming in to discuss raises, then he sent a long message in our crew app about how we are closed permanently. I feel so sorry for my co workers left to scramble around to get a new job because they had no warning of this happening.

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Flames on the companies website indicate locations throughout the surrounding states, but Coldwater's location is a red flame with no info, so it seems the process is finalized. A post in Our Coldwater indicated that apparently the location will now make way for a new dispensary, which as you can imagine, got some people riled up:

We don't need another pot shop. For crying out loud we have over 3 now. Wth we don't need anymore in Coldwater. I knew this was going to get out of hand and sure enough it has. I think there are many more that feel the exact same way as I do.

It's a split decision among residents, but it's an unfortunate thing to happen for the employees.

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